Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Quick & Easy Felt Dolly King, Queen/Princess Crowns are here!

Doll Crowns!

♫ Hooray! ♔ Dolly King, Queen/Princess Crowns are here!

* So fast
* So Easy your kiddies can make them!
* Plus they fit your kids too!!! Eeeeek so cute!

☛ Let's Play Dress Up! ☚

Find the ♔ Queen/Princess Here!

Find the reversible ♔ King & ♔ Mini Queen Here!  


Come join in our Dolly Making Party in my Secret Facebook Doll Making Group!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah

Friday, May 15, 2015

ITH Mermaid Pattern is Here!

ITH Mermaid Pattern

Meet my In The Hoop Marvelous Mermaid Embroidery Pattern! Oh they are just so cute and much easier than you think to make! It comes in 4 hoop sizes and makes the sweetest sea dwelling friends for your little ones! Plus they are oh so Quick and Easy! You will surprise yourself!

ITH Mermaid Pattern

99% ITH with Only 3 Hoopings! And her back is as cute as her front! 
Finished doll sizes 5x7 are 9”, 6x10 are 13", 7x12 are 15.5” and 8x12 are 16” without pony tails included, thus using almost the entire hoop! Wow!

ITH Mermaid Pattern

Find my ITH Mermaids HERE!

   Happy Sewing from Sarah

Merbaby Sewing Pattern is Here!

Merbaby Mermaids

Meet my Merbabies Sewing Pattern, cute Baby Mermaid Dolls that are 13" (33 cm) tall from cotton and felt fabrics. Splish Splash! 
Mermaid sewing pattern
These tailed friends are a treat to make, ready for summer fun with your little ones! They are so fast to make you'll be amazed, and beginners with love their simple construction!

Mermaid Doll sewing pattern

Find my Merbabies HERE!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Cute Kitty Cat Sewing Pattern Out Today!

Kitty Cat Sewing Pattern

Hooray! My Cute Kitty Cat Sewing Pattern is out today!  Lot's of requests for this one to be added to the Sew Cute Stuffie range, so here she is! At 10" (25.4 cm) tall you'll love how super sweet these kittens are and how fast they come together!

Cutie Cats!

Create both boy and girl Kitties! Simply change your fabric for a fun different look! Grab your Minky, Fleece, and Cotton and whip up a couple today!

Need the ITH Kitty and her Kittens .. follow this LINK

 Happy Sewing from Sarah

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

NEW ITH Snow Sisters - 2 NEW ITH Doll Patterns to make Frozen Friends with!

snow sisters ith doll embroidery pattern diy stuffies 2

Hooray hooray! My ITH Snow Sisters doll patterns have come to play!

* Fast - make a basic doll in about an hour! WOW!
* High Quality & customizable!
* Child Safe – Children of all ages will love them
* 90% of doll (body & limbs) constructed within 2 Hoops.
* 4 hoop sizes (5x7 6x10 7x12 and 8x12)

Pick up the play set here, Or buy them individually!

And don't forget their cute fluffy snowman friend Here!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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