Wednesday, April 16, 2014

And the Pattern Book Giveaway Winner is............... !

Entry #195 Michelle K from the USA!!!


Well done, I've e-mailed you and you should be hearing from the publishers very soon!

Thanks to everyone who entered!  

 Happy Sewing from Sarah

Monday, April 14, 2014

My Rag Doll Sewing Pattern Book Review & Giveaway!

I had the pleasure of being asked by the publishers of Stitch, Craft, Create, to review the New book called 'My Rag Doll' by Corinne Crasbercu.  As you all know I have many years of creating doll patterns under my belt and have to admit, I am an avid collector of out of print toy patterns, so this was a perfect fit for me.

The book tells you how to make 11 adorable rag dolls and super sweet outfits, the dolly photos themselves are too cute and when I looked through them it made me thing of the wonderful old fashioned dolls my Nanna had a child. It took all of my strength not to jump on my machine right away!

These are a lovely sized doll and come in 2 lengths! I couldn’t find any actually finished measurements of these dollies in the book but I found this photo and wow! Look how huggable they are!

All the dolls are made from the same pattern which makes it easy as once you get the hang of making one doll, you can make them all. You must enlarge the pattern pieces by 120 - 140% depending on the pattern and the seam allowances are not added, so don’t forget to account for them (1cm – 1/2inch) before cutting your fabric!

The limbs are sewn in on the sewing machine which is brilliant as it makes the doll body itself baby safe, however, the hair is created using yarn on a removable crochet wig which can be worrisome for babies. As these are big dolls, I would suggest giving them to 3 year olds and up :) (or the mummy too!!! We like playing with dolls don’t we ladies!)

There are lots of simply adorable outfits in here, hats, boots, bags, skirts & even a wedding dress! I could see myself getting lost in this book for a couple of weeks making up a doll with all the trimmings! I mean how could you stop at just one outfit there are so many fun options!

I would definitely recommend these patterns to an intermediate doll maker/sewist. They are clearly written but there are no step by step photos in the book I am afraid, in fact there aren’t any ‘how to’ diagrams either so I would not recommend it to a beginner. If you’re looking for a quick sew, these dolls aren’t it, but I think the finished dolly is well worth the time and love you put into it.

Sorry Cottage Industry Ladies I asked the publishers and you can’t sell finished dolls or accessories made from the book, they will, however, make lovely heirloom gifts for your little one!

Enter to WIN your very own hard copy of this fun book!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah

Monday, April 7, 2014

Cuties for a Cure a Chemotherapy Doll Sewing Pattern

Cuties for a Cure Sewing Pattern

Meet my Cuties for a Cure, an Easy Chemotherapy Doll Sewing Pattern. I’ve designed Cuties for a Cure dolls to bring comfort, strength and support to children and adults battling with hair loss due to cancer treatments.

Cuties for a Cure Sewing Pattern Breast Cancer Doll

My Cuties for a Cure Sewing Pattern allows you to make both cool boys and cute girls and comes with lots of fun accessories for you and your children to play with. You’ll be able to make 2 different removable Wigs (for boys & girls), 2 removable Hats (a Ball cap and a Sun hat), a sweet Flower Headband and a Head Scarf Bandanna.

Cuties for a Cure Sewing Pattern Chemotherapy Doll

$2 of every pattern sale will be donated to the following Cancer Research Charities around the World:

Cancer Council Australia (AU)
Breast Cancer Research Foundation (USA)
Cancer Research Institute (USA)
Cancer Research UK (UK)

Cuties for a Cure

My Story

Cancer has touched my life as it has many other. I was pregnant with my son when cancer came into my world. After 2 years of treatment & constant fear I am happy to say I am all clear now, and I have a healthy little 2 ½ year old boy.

As an adult dealing with this disease myself, knowing it can reemerge at any time, I cannot imagine the fear a child must feel and so this pattern is especially close to my heart. If a #CutiesforaCure doll can bring a smile to a child’s or adult’s face when they are dealing with so much, I will be happy :)

Cuties for a Cure Sewing Pattern Charity Donation List

AU – Cancer Council Australia – Strives to minimise the threat of cancer to Australians, through successful prevention, best treatment and support.

US – Breast Cancer Research Foundation - Achieve prevention and a cure for breast cancer in our lifetime by providing critical funding for innovative clinical and translational research at leading medical centers worldwide, and increasing public awareness about good breast health.

US – Cancer Research Institute – Awards research grants and fellowships to support scientists at leading research universities and clinics *around the world*.

UK - Cancer Research UK - Working on pioneering life-saving research, to make groundbreaking achievements and real progress in preventing, diagnosing and treating cancer.

Can you Sew? These are easy! How you can help……
  • You may sell dolls made from this pattern, I encourage you to donate a portion of your sales to a Cancer Research charity of your choice
  • Donate your finished dolls to children’s hospitals and cancer wards
  • Auction your dolls at Charity Fundraisers
  • And of course … Give to a child or adult to offer support, comfort and love 

 Happy Sewing from Sarah

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Little Easter Bunnies Made by You!

little kitten

Wow! I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed seeing everyone's ITH Embroidery Machine Bunny Rabbits and little Love Bunnies PDF Sewing Machine Pattern these past few weeks! The above bunnies were handmade with love by Little Kitten.

If you haven't been following my Facebook page you might have missed them ... sooooo here are a few to brighten your day and get you in the Easter Mood!

Memoriesby Sherry

Handmade with love by Memories by Sherry


Handmade with love by Trish

zoe 2

Handmade with love by Zoe

tashaTarah 2

Handmade with love by Tarah


Handmade with love by Tina


Handmade with love by Samantha .. and her adorable daughter!!!!


Handmade with love by Erika

Little Love-Lee's

Handmade with love by Little Love-Lee's


Handmade with love by Sharon


Handmade with love by Roberta

Tracy p

Handmade with love by Scrap n Things

Tracy g

Handmade with love by Tracy G


Handmade with love by Melissa

Margarita T

Handmade with love by Margarita

monica 3

Handmade with love by Monica

lucy 3

Handmade with love by Lucy

Jennifer C

Handmade with love by Jennifer


Handmade with love by Joyce


Handmade with love by Jamie


Handmade with love by Coral


Handmade with love by Cathy


Handmade with love by Jason


Handmade with love by Kasye


Handmade with love by Kathleen

Brittany s

Handmade with love by Clever Rose


Handmade with love by Amanda


Handmade with love by Ann


Handmade with love by Ashleigh

carol m

Handmade with love by Carol

bobbie c

Handmade with love by Bobbie


Handmade with love by Dawn

linda 2

Handmade with love by Linda

Loree H

Handmade with love by Loree

 Happy Sewing from Sarah

Saturday, March 29, 2014

SALE Extended through Sunday!

My Sale Codes decided to stop working last night ......   All fixed now YAY!  But to make sure everyone has time to get their patterns ... I've extended the Sale through Sunday! Hooray!!!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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