Wednesday, February 10, 2016

★ Stop Species Extinction! - New Bilby Pattern Sneak Peek!

I have teamed up with the Save the Bilby Fund​ to raise awareness for these adorable endangered Aussie Animals.  With only approx. 500 left in the world ❤ Could you love a Bilby for Easter?! ❤ I can! ❤
❤ Learn more about how to help save the beautiful Bilby's Here
 Happy Sewing from Sarah

Friday, January 29, 2016

New Monkey ITH & Sewing Patterns are Here!

Do you have a Cheeky Monkey or two in your family?! I know I do! Hahaha! Now my BIG Monkeys and Baby Monkeys come in both ITH and Sewing Patterns Hooray!

✄ Grab my  ✄ ITH BIG Monkey Pattern Here!

✄ Grab the ✄ PDF Sewing Pattern Baby Monkey Here! 

❤ These cheeky Monkeys can't wait to get up to mischief with your little ones!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah

Thursday, January 28, 2016

NEW Dress Up Doll Mermaid & Mermen Sewing Pattern Tail Sets!

NEW Dress Up Doll Clothes Mermaid & Mermen Tail Set Sewing Patterns! ✄ Splish Splash! Fun, Fast & oh so Easy!  ✄ Grab the Sewing Pattern Here!
Turn any of my large dolls and softies into beautiful Mermaid Maidens and King Tritons of the Deep!  
Can you say .. Mer-Cat ;)   So versatile! So fun!
 Happy Sewing from Sarah

Friday, January 22, 2016

NEW ITH Big Lamb is Here! Hooray!

✄ Grab the ITH Embroidery Machine Big Lamb Pattern Here!   Meet Lilly the Lamb & her shy brother Leo .. He's always being called the Black Sheep of the family but I can assure you he's adorable!

✄ Only 3 Hoops! ✄ 4 hoop sizes ✄  Personalize for Easter, Birthday & Baby showers!  ★ Did I say BIG, 11 - 18.5 inches! ★WOW!★ 

Don't have an Embroidery Machine, don't worry!!  ✄ Grab the PDF Lamb Sewing Pattern Here!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Design your own DADD Doll

Feeling creative? Print out my Design a Doll Sheet ..... Grab some pens & design yourself a Doll don't forget to let your kids join in the fun!

Take your little ones sketches and turn them into real DADD dollies!!!  Fun Fun Fun! For everyone!

Grab the Design a Doll print out here!

   Happy Sewing from Sarah
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