Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Giraffe Softie Stuffed Toy PDF Sewing Pattern Finished!

I am dedicating this lovely long necked softie sewing pattern to my Grandfather who at 94, suggest I make a giraffe, ............. and name him …. John. After himself of course!

Well John the Giraffe loves having fun!

And like my Grandfather, this dapper chap likes to dance, dress up and take his gal out on the town!

Someone has already taken a shine to him …
but then she does love her Great Grandfather to bits too!

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Take Care and Happy Sewing!


  1. Very cute! Me encanta la jirafa!!!

  2. That is so cute! And i love how big it is to.

  3. WOW John the giraffe is so CUTE!! LOVE HIM!!

  4. Too cute, John does seem to be the perfect name for him!

  5. John the Giraffe is just too adorable, and what a great little story behind him.

  6. Ooh cute! Yes you can add my softie to your site :) Suz

  7. Gorgeous as always (love your little owl softies in the last post too)

  8. Well I never! THat is the cutest little something I ever did see. And John is the perfect name! (Its my boyfriends name too :) )

  9. So cute! I've never thought to make a giraffe before!

  10. Sooooo flippin' cute! You have quite the knack for making adorably cute lil dolls and softies! Keep it up!

    ~ ~

  11. too CUTE! love your blog oh i have only just discovered you oh i love sewing softies/dolls im only a beginner sewer but loving every moment.
    new follower

    ps love your woodland deer too cute


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