Monday, June 28, 2010

Super Quick Salt Dough Recipe

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I think salt dough is fun at any time of year, but I particularly like it for fun Christmas Ornaments! It’s great for kids as it doesn’t have any toxins in it, and it’s cheap to make, so who cares if it dries up!

The Basic Recipe (1)
  • 2 cups All purpose (plain) flour
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 3/4 cup hot water
Pop the flour and salt into a mixing bowl and slowly start pouring in the water (2), mix with your hands (or a wooden spoon). The amount of water you need will depend on where you live, the humidity etc. You want to make a dough that is sticky enough not to crumble, but not too sticky! (3) Knead for at least 10mins!!!

I just made it to the consistency of cookie dough and it turned out perfectly!

Now mold, or roll it out & use cookie cutters (4) to make all the things your heart desires! Don’t forget to add a hole in the top to thread ribbon through once baked!

Here’s the fun part, pop them in the microwave! I let them go for 30’s intervals, stopping them to push any air bubbles down (use a dish cloth/tea towel over your fingers or you might burn it!). Don’t turn your back on these babies they cook fast!! Which is fabulous in my book, as it’s instant gratification!

It all depends on your microwave, but a plate of my ornaments (5) took 4 mins, with 30sec stopping, pushing, intervals…

Then paint with acrylics and seal with a gloss varnishes on both sides (6).

And there you have it! Super fast and fabulous Salt Dough creations!
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