Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Creative Space: Pattern Remix!

Big Dolly

Well I am having lots of fun even if I am feeling a bit swamped! My mind keeps jumping from one project to the next….. focus Sarah, focus!

Here’s what I am up too:
Big Dolly 2

Going to attempt to alter my Big Dolly pattern …. And when I say Big I mean it! She’s a whopping 26inches from top to toe ….. as big as my daughter who loves her to bits! But alas I’m just not happy with her, (look at those horrid shoes, no self-respecting dolly would wear them!) so I need to get out the pattern again and go over it…..
love letters peg dolly

Next up, well I am obsessing over peg dolls!! They come in all shapes and sizes and are soooo cute! Love them, but haven’t gotten very far with my cunning plans ….. hay ho!
eco friendly doll house

And then there’s the Eco Friendly Doll House. I am sooo excited about this one, but need to tweak it a bit before I show you the full house in all its fabulous recycling glory!.

Hope you all have a lovely week in your Creative Space and Happy Crafting!
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