Sunday, August 8, 2010

Look how Cute Jennie’s Eco Friendly Doll House is!

The lovely Jennie over at A Little Vintage, her wonderfully crafty daughter Miss E (above) and her chief template cutter-outer hubby turned a rainy afternoon sunny by making my Eco Friendly Doll House!

“It’s not quite finished yet, and I think we put some of the rooms in different places. But that makes it a one off right?! I think this is such an excellent idea!”

“Putting it together as a family was brilliant. It means much more to (our children), because they helped put it together!”

I am so glad you enjoyed it!
Well done Miss E, I think it looks fabulous … but then I’m biased ;)

If you have made the Eco Friendly Doll House and would like to share your creations, send the photos to me and I’ll pop you on the blog!

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