Monday, October 18, 2010

UK Trip: Four Generations of Creative Women!

My trip back to the UK was to visit my dear Nanna as she hasn’t been doing very well. After a lengthy heart and lung operation over 2 and half months ago it’s all been a bit stressful, so we packed our bags and braved the 10 hour trip over the pond.

I am happy to report that she is doing so much better. The resent heart attack seems a mere blip along the slow path to recovery. My only major concern now is her battle with depression. Anyone out there who has had a loved one on life support for an extended period of time knows that they are effected quite dramatically by it. A common problem is the depression and mood swings.

It was wonderful to have all us women together. My Mum is on the right, Nanna and well you know us two!

My Nanna taught me how to draw, how to sew, how to knit, how to embroider and how to make miniature moss gardens in tea trays to name a few of her creative teaching talents! My Mum, an artist herself, fostered and encouraged these talents and would sew with me, let me paint on my plastered walls before we put new wall paper up (hmmm and people wonder how I became a muralist!) and would sit for hours as I sketched still-lifes at the kitchen table she had set up …..

I hope to inspire and pass down to my little girl all I know so that she’ll one day find her creative niche!

So what did we get up to other than visiting Devon ….

Well we played in my Mums garden …

Kissed a donkey (more to come on that!)…

And played in the garden some more!

I’d like to send a big warm hug
to all the creative women (and future women!) out there,
from my family to yours!

Take Care and Happy Crafting!

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