Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sewing Dolls and Making Patterns

My 2011 New Year’s resolution is to sew more. But not just anything, doll! And as you all know by now I love to share the love so I will be making each one of my new creations into a pattern that you can use for both charity and to sell at craft fairs (as we as for yourself and your little ones!!).

I’d like to set myself a goal of say 2 patterns a month. Sounds doable but …. As that won’t work after June (New Baba’s due date is June 15) ..... so I’m thinking, let’s just try and get as many done as I can!!!

This is my Sewing Dolly Idea Book ….

As you can see it’s full of ideas and sketches … full!!!!

I managed to complete my Easy Boy Doll Sewing Pattern last weekend, and as you can see from the top photo i'm back in the dining room and I’m almost finished making my 26 inch (66 cm)  Big Dolly Doll Pattern! Remember her? .....  well i have made a few changes and i'm so happy with how she looks .....  so is my little girl as she gets to test every single new dolly I make :)   Fingers crossed I can write it up this weekend ….

And then .. well then I’ll just flip through the book and pick a page at random, and that will be the doll sketch I’ll start working with! Hooray!!!

So have you made any New Year’s Sewing Resolution?

Take Care and Happy Crafting!

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