Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Easter Bunny Rabbit Pattern is Finished! Hooray!

I have had so much fun with my bunny rabbit pattern! I can’t stop making these little guys for all the kiddies I know this Easter!

You can make both boy and girl bunnies with ears that stand up on their own like magic and I also include optional cute and easy little paws for your rabbits.

Do you like fluffy bunny tails? I do :)  But I added an applique tail pattern too for children under 3.

And I managed to finish not only my cute little Retro Dress Doll Pattern but my adorable Waistcoat and Shorts Pattern too!!! Hooray!!!!

Ahhhh time for a cup of Tea ….. and yes, I’m hopping popping my feet up for the rest of the week!!!  You can find all my new patterns in my

Take Care and Happy Crafting!

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