Monday, March 21, 2011

Recycled Sweater into a Doll Teapot Cozy!

Which pattern was I working on this week again? …… Well I deviated a tad last night!!

You see I had a dilemma, my wonderful friend and I are hosting a little baby sprinkle this weekend for the little chap on the way, and celebrating my little girl becoming a big sister .......  The Theme: Traditional English High Tea, Yummy!!! But I felt terrible, I mean no self respecting tea drinker doesn’t own their own tea cozy and I couldn't find mine!!! HELP!!!!  And nobody likes cold tea :(

Hmmmm, didn’t have time to knit one, soooo, I took my cashmere sweater (sorry Mum, but I live in AZ!!!), an odd sock and a few odds and ends from my scrap bin ….. and after a bit of fiddling around I have a one size fits all dolly tea cozy! Hooray!

She seems very pleased with herself, but then she’s toasty warm after all!

Ok ok, back to pattern making hehehehe
Hope you're all having a lovely creative week.

Take Care and Happy Sewing!

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