Monday, March 14, 2011

What my Creative Space REALLY looks like!

I scrapped the idea of ‘the perfect’ workspace a long time ago. You’ve seen them, beautifully folded fabric in pretty cabinets, small sweet spaces, all tidy and tranquil … ahhhhhhh

But just as I’m a real woman with curves (big mama curves at the moe!) and bad hair days, my creative space is very real …… real chaos that is!!!

I've had to take over my dining room. You’ve all seen a glimpse of the mess in past posts, but it’s all in order to me, promise!  I know where everything is …. I do, I do I tell you!

Just some of my fabric stash .....

Since my art/craft/sewing room is being dismantled to make way for hubbies home office, as his old space is being turned into a nursery for this little chap in my tummy … well the dining room will work just fine for me! As you can see, I like to spread the love around....  I’m in no state to host a dinner party anyway!

Lace and part of my felt stash .....

It’s sad to say that when the little man arrives in June I will not be making any dolls or new patterns anytime soon ….. that’s why I have been working day and night to get as many done (and toys for his room!) before the big due date ….

More fabric and felt on the other side of the room!!

So yes, it’s messy,
but through this mess I like to think I create beautiful things :)

And if truth be told,
I’ll be very sad when it will be time to tidy it all away …..

Thank you to Penny at Pocket Carnival  for showing me her Real Creative Space and prompting this ramble :)

Be Brave!  Be Proud!  Show off your Real Space ;)

Take Care and Happy Sewing!

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