Thursday, April 14, 2011

Embroidery Techniques for Doll and Softie Faces

I am a big fan of using fabric paint and markers for doll faces but I also love embroidery! It's ever so relaxing and the results are fab!  Don't be intimidated there are tons of free online videos to teach you .. let me help you see just how easy it is to embroidery your doll and softies faces and features in!

It's easier if you have an embroidery hoop - you can pick them up from a local hobby store or online for a couple of dollars.

I use the 3-4 strands of floss depending on the brand. If your floss has 6 threads use 3, if it has 8 use 4

.. simply cut the length you want and pull it apart.

Never Embroidered before? Try the simple Straight Stitch - it can be used for anything really or the  Backstitch 

From The Needlework Book by Wanda Passadore
From The Needlework Book by Wanda Passadore

For Eyes and Cheeks use either a simple Satin Stitch Or get a more 3D effect using the Padded Satin Stitch. 
I like this stitch for dolly cheeks too :)

Small eyes or Whisker dot details use the  French Knots

From the Needle n Thread 
For General curved features like eye brows, whiskers, and mouths use the Stem Stitch 

Need a bolder stitch - try the Chain Stitch - easy and fast but thicker than the Stem Stitch. 

Pop over to the Needle n Thread  a wonderful website by Mary Corbet with online videos to teach you the stitches again!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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