Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Let’s Sew with Faux Fur - A How To Guide in the Making!

As you all know I love adding different textures to my softies. Why stick to one fabric choice when you can add in a few more! Before the little chap came along I started playing around with Faux Fur .. and I haven’t been able to put it down since.

After a few trips to the library, scouring the internet and buying some fabulous fur clothing design books I decided to compile all I knew and gear it towards softy making.  All this research really took me back to my Masters Thesis!

With so many different choices of faux fur available I was out buying up all I could find. It’s just amazing the difference the fur makes on how you sew up a softie! The good thing is I have found there to be a few general rules to stick to, and of course I came up with my own method!

Can you guess what new pattern I have been working on?
Well when I show it off next week, there will be a new chapter of the Dolls And Daydreams adventure available, yup, my very first full color photo and instructional “How To Guide!” How exciting!

Sew ….. don’t worry, if you have never sewn with Faux Fur before you’ll easily be able to make a fluffy limbed plushie, or a snuggly faced softie by following my guide!

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 Happy Sewing from Sarah

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