Monday, August 8, 2011

Compare The Meerkat Market Toy Sewing Pattern in the works

Aleksandr Orlov the meercat is here! Not heard about the massive Meerkat craze to sweep the UK, well after you see the adverts for Compare The Market ( or should I say Compare The Meerkat ( you’ll fall in love with them too!

Who would have thought selling car insurance could be so cute! Guess what there’s a whole family of them, and since the company started selling toys in July they have become the no.1 sort after Christmas gift and are selling out all over.

So after some very heartfelt e-mails from my lovely sewing ladies in the UK desperate for a pattern to make for their little ones and to sell at their craft markets, I am going to come out with my own Meercat too! Hooray! Soooo watch this space :)


 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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