Thursday, August 18, 2011

Free 1960s Vintage Paper Dolls

You know how much I love dolls, and I get my inspiration from all over. I fell in love with paper dolls well before I decided to make my own one, add in some vintage outfits and I’m in heaven! So I thought I’d share these Free Paper Dolls from American Fashion Designers Paper Dolls book by Dover Publications with you all!

ooowww what i'd do for a dress like that!

The Princess Swan Lake Ball Gown is to die for ......  just hoping that Faux Fur on the foxy lady there!

Ok I need a Spanish holiday after seeing the last one ...... you know I have danced the flamenco before ... back in my youth! hahahaha ahhhh happy memories!

Simply click on the images to enlarge and right click and save them to your computer (or print them out!) Glue them to card stock and you’re away!


 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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