Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pig Softie PDF Sewing Pattern Pre-release Party!

The Handmade Holidays are in full swing with  my 3 PDF Sewing Pattern Bundle Giveaway, my exciting Christmas Doll & Softie Sale starting this Friday and of course my NEW Pig PDF Sewing Pattern!!

I love feedback from my customers, and many of you have been asking for this ... sooooo after a lot of research my end ..... here we go!!

Welcome to my First Ever
Pre-release Pattern Party!

For all my wonderful loyal Facebook & Blog fans ....  

  • No more waiting for me to re-list on Etsy
  • No more adding it to your cart only to find someone else snapped it up!
  • No more waiting for me to send it!

Now you can safely and securely 
Instantly Download 
my patterns with a click of a button straight to your computer!


That means you can be printing it out and picking fabric minutes
 (well seconds! I've tested it!)  after you buy! (Paypal, yay!)

So without further ado, let's meet my Piggy!!  
My Piggie wiggies are very cheeky and love to wiggle their curly tails when playing in the mud!
Of course they clean up very well too ......

.... and give the best cuddles!! 
Come on .... I know you want to hug a hog this Holiday Season!

Pop on over to my New Shop to Instantly Download my Pig Sewing Pattern!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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