Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Creative Space: My Little Sailor Boy

I finally finished my Little Sailor Boy artwork I have been creating for my son's nursery.  My hubby, an avid fish enthusiast came up with a nautical theme for his room. The wall's are in fact powder blue with a white chair rail around it....  The Ikea frame has been sitting empty ... 

..............when my daughter suggested in one of our arts and crafts afternoons that I do a 'Ponyo' picture for 'Baby's' room.... If you haven't seen Ponyo you should, it's adorable.  And of course was just perfect for the 'theme'.  

This is made using my daughters construction paper and her colored pencils ... not an heirloom piece by any means but I thourally enjoyed doing it (with help from her!) ... and my little chap thinks it's pretty cool too :)

Oh and candle holders and sconces are the best for displaying some of his huge collection of toys hehehe

Hope you are all having a wonderfully creative week!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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