Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Little Man!

Happy soon to be 1 years old to my Little Boy!!!!  Oh my goodness, have I got the months muddled up? ... Nope ... I'm right!  Only a few more days and ....... But wait, it only seems like yesterday I was telling you all about his arrival! Wow ... how time flies! 

We have been busy! We popped back to Cali to see our family and the kids got to have a blast with their grandparents .....  

My little girl & I had fun collecting bits and bobs on the beach .. not too many shells but we still managed to make a fabulous sandcastle! 

And we saw lots of animals at the zoo .... it was far too short a trip but brilliant to be able to catch up with everyone.  Ahhhh I wish we could all do it again this week!

Stay tuned I'll have my NEW Pattern Drawing in my Sketchbook Tomorrow!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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