Thursday, July 12, 2012

Skeleton Cat Sewing Pattern Finished in time for Halloween!

Skeleton cat sewing pattern Halloween day of the dead softie

Ok so Halloween is a little ways off ... but I knew you'd all want time to make up your skeleton cats! And hey .. who says they should be for Halloween only? Skelly Kitties need love all year round hehehehe

Skeleton cat sewing pattern

These spooky cats love to play and eat tasty fish all day and make the perrrrrr -fect friends for your little ones!

Halloween black cat softie sewing pattern

They Love  to celebrate The Day of The Dead ... dressed up to the nines .... alas .. they no longer have nine lives ... but they still know how to party hehehehe

Skeleton cat pdf pattern

but most of all they love to .... cuddle .. <3

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 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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