Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween Dolls And Softies Made by YOU!

kim slatter

Are you ready for Halloween? Don't worry you still have time to stitch up some spooky fun! Simply stitch up some spooky patterns …. Meet Kim's adorable little chaps!!!! Aren't they adorable together!!

I love seeing everyone’s Spooky Cute Halloween dolls and softies

Cathy's Cuddly Crafts

This batch of Gothic goodies were all made by Cathy's Cuddly Crafts

So many ideas .. so many photos ... such little space on my page hahaha!

Leslie E

Two pretty little girls matching in pink by Leslie ♥

A BIG Thank You to everyone for sending them to me or posting them to my facebook wall!  

Lullabies & Ladybirds

Loving Lullabies & Ladybirds skeleton's name hehehehe

Andrea Komornik 2Andrea Komornik 4

Andrea sent me so many wonderful photos, but these two were my favorites! Just look at her Witch's lovely outfit and Dracula's bloooooood!!!! hehehehe

Charity canada 1a  Charity canada 1

Charity's Girly Skelly is actually a Roller Derby Girl!!!! How cool is that!

cotton cutie pies

And Cotton Cutie Pies Wednesday Adams dolly even has a head!

edchange (USA)

Edchange's Skeleton's waiting for a cuddle!

GeoBeth Creations

Whilst GeoBeth Creations Skelly is all dressed up and ready for a party!

Chunky Monkey Unlimited 1

Chunky Monkey Unlimited kitty ate a glow in the dark fishy!!!

Darcys Dolls

Darcys Dolls Wednesday dolly looks so sweet ... but it's always the quite ones you've gotta watch ;) 

Elizabeth  Big Little Bird

Big Little Bird Skeleton made it all the way upstairs by himself!


giggle worm

I simply LOVE Giggle Worm's Vampire and his best friend on set!!!  How cool is that coffin!!  And her witches are so cute .. I couldn't pick a favorite! 

just jess

Well we all know from last years post ... this is Just Jes's favorite holiday! And I can see why!!  Love Dracula's spotty cape, skelly cats fabric and Wednesday's green hair!!!

karala g

Karala I don't know who's cuter!?! Your son or his spooky skeleton! Love this photo!

jane browne

Jane went above and beyond with her fabric selection for her fella!!!  ooowww I love him and all of those stars! 

kylie cramb

Kate Creations made these two twin Vampires!!! Just love their spooky cape fabrics!! 

kelsey virden

Kelsey's skeletons are in LOVE! 

Iluminada spain 1

Iluminada told me how much her grandson loved his new skeleton ... and all the way in Spain! 

jen e (usa)

Jen's witch is ready to hit the Halloween Ball in her new skirt and matching red hat and boots! Beautiful!

knitting around

Knittin' Around's Skeleton is relaxing in the morning sun!!!

kylie b au whisp baby kylie b au whisp baby

Wisp Baby makes skeletons in EVERY color under the sun!!! I was tempted to post them all like a rainbow .. but settled on these two :)


LiLovees Skeleton looks very pleased with himself :) 

Luv Lil B (AU) Luv Lil B

Luv Lil B pink skeleton made my day!!!  And her skeleton cat told me he wants another fish for dinner :)

naomi au naomi b made for myah

Made for Myah's Witch and Wednesday spooky cute dolls are the best of friends!!! 

mostly monsters

Mostly Monsters Skeleton is hatching a plan ......

lynne c (nz au)

Lynne's Skeleton's sunbathing in the park!


Owl&Hedgehog's two are in LOVE and eloped last weekend!

The Bug & The Boo

The Bug & The Boo's Wednesday Dolly couldn't look prettier with her hand embroidered eyes!

the little pink owl

... and The little pink owl's couple started dating today!

Why not mix, match my patterns to make some monster madness!

Wisp Baby zombie girl

Wisp Baby's Zombie girl is too cool for school!!!! 

little kitten 2

OH NO!!!!  A sewing machine landed on this Witch!!!!! 
Little Kitten

Phew .... Little Kitten's spooky girl seems to be ok after all! 

Hraani Handmade 3

Hraani Handmade zombie girl is a little lost .. anyone know the way to the pumpkin patch?

Lena Design

Lena Design's dolly has the best fabric skirt ever!!!!

Cathy's Cuddly Crafts 3

Cathy's Cuddly Crafts has one angry fairy on her hands ... Deadly Nightshade's her name!!!

Your Forever Memories

Your Forever Memories made a super soft fleece Wednesday dolly ... oowww I'd love a snuggle!

Change your fabric to create that spooky look …

Butterflybelle Boutique

Butterflybelle Boutique ghostly Mary Antoinette dolly is eerily adorable!

kara s

Kara just couldn't stop making these fun skeleton baby tag owls!!! 

Heidi Ella Dolls

Heidi Ella Dolls ballerina went a little Goth .. but she likes it! hehehe

jess uk

Jess uk

Just Jes went spooktacular when she turned Tiny Tot into a zombi and put Bat's in Mary's hair!!!

Laura's Blue Wren

Laura's Blue Wren's dolly is already for the pumpkin patch!

Aingeal's Keepsakes 2

And Aingeal's Keepsakes dolly got surprised by a ghosty! 

allybeedesigns 22

Allybeedesigns  Mary Antoinette had a skull make over!

Mary Jane bubba bows whitch

Bubbabows witch is super spooky Kawaii Cute!!! 

Nat Gravelle Nat Gravelle

The Birdie Hut sure has some colorful owls ready for Halloween fun!

twinkie jacks boutique

Twinkie jacks boutique found some of the best fabric .... just look at those witches on her tummy! Loving her Trick or Treat bag too! 

heather usa

Heather's doll is all ready for the Gothic Ball!

carley cookson

And Carley's dolly is out to the grave yard dance tonight!

Reduce my patterns to create pocket sized creepy cuteness!

allison y 4

Allison's Wednesday's dolls are looking for a nice handbag to hide in :)

AllyBeeDesigns 2 AllyBeeDesigns 4


AllyBeeDesigns made mini me's out of my patterns and stitched them up in felt! How clever! 

Kate createions

And Kate Creations made a whole family of Skelly Felines! 

Please keep posting them to my FB page or sending them in .. you never know when yours will be posted! Big hugs xxxx

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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