Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lion Softies made by you! Perfect for the Wizard of Oz too!

ruby and mud happy customer 4 

Well somebody loves his Lion!!! Thank you everyone for sharing your finished soft toys made from my Lion pattern and just in time for my Wizard of Oz play set too!! HOORAY!    And just look how adorable Ruby & Mud's Lion (and his new best friend!) are!!!

Ruby&Mud 3

I love how bright and happy he looks too!

my two moos 21

My Two Moos cheeky chap found himself a beautiful girlfriend!

Lullabies & Love 4

And it looks like Lullabies & Love's lion found himself one too!

fabulously flawed

Fabulously flawed's lion can see the yellow brick road from his window!

darling dolls lion

And Darling dolls spotty dotty Lion can't wait to for a cuddle!


But no two Lions are alike! Look at this lovely Orange Lion by Squishy Bee!


Or Allie's Handcrafted Gifts Orange and Red lion with his fabulous button eyes and matching tummy fabric!

Princess may 1

Wait a minute!!! Is that a blue lion I see with his new best friend!!!

Princess may 3

Yup! Sure is! Princess May has made such a cute snuggle face lion I want to have a squeeze of him too ... he needs a hug he's blue with cold hehehehe

kathleen c nz 4

Hang on .. Kathleen has spotted another one!! Wow they might be shy but clearly there are a lot more of them out in the wild hehehe

My Dolly Boutique 4

Oh My ...... nothing quite as pretty as this beautiful red and pink Lioness by My Dolly Boutique!!!

ShelliCreations 11

Even ShelliCreations fabulous lion is green with envy!

Ursula's Handmade Treasures 2

Now let's talk about a Lion's Mane ..... Each of Ursula's Handmade Treasures ones are different! The pinking sheers give them a fun touch!

janet (AU) 2 Larry the Lion by Janet C (AU)

Janet's lions have lots of lush thin tufts!

forever fairy friends lions 1

Both of Forever fairy friends lions have sweet pink noses & little whiskers too!

forever fairy friends Au 4

And I'm loving the gray in this chaps mane she made ... he must be very old and wise!

shelli au 4

I don't think I've seen a mane this long  ShelliCreations could comb it!

Don't have enough felt in your stash ... don't worry!

butterflybella butterflybella 2

 Now I know what to do with all my doilies and chunky lace!! Butterflybelle Boutique beatuful Lionesses take the cake for cutie-per-tooty-ness!

Allie's Handcrafted Gifts lion

And Allie's Handcrafted Gifts lion is very handsome indeed with his lace mane and whiskers!

Thank you again for sharing your wonderful creations with me! I can't wait for my Lion to start his adventure with Dorothy in Oz! So stay tuned xxx

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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