Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sandra of Little Sister featured in New Zealand Baby Life Magazine

Congratulations to Sandra of Little Sisters for her amazing interview in New Zealand Magazine Baby Life.  

"Both my mother and my family lost our homes in the earthquake and we all left that very night, heading south into the complete unknown. ............... I was so used to working five days a week, and suddenly I was doing nothing, just surviving really .........  I needed an outlet so on a bizarre whim I bought a sewing machine."

Then one day I came across Sarah Hanson’s Dolls and Daydreams shop on Etsy, bought some of her fantastic patterns and I was hooked."  Sandra 

To read the entire interview please pop over to Baby Life Magazine.  

Hooray!!! You just made my Day!  I am so pleased and honored that you love and use my patterns.

So happy to read your family is now settled again Sandra, what a tough year you had!  Congratulations on your wonderful shop and all of your amazing creations!

Looking for some adorable Handmade dolls and softies? Sandra sells all of her lovely creations on her Facebook page Little Sisters pop over and check them out! 

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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