Monday, May 13, 2013

New Wool Felt Supplier in Australia!

I had the pleasure of meeting Sonya of Two Blue Birdies ...  not in person .. which is a shame, as I really do fancy a holiday to Australia!  She has a fab range of fabrics on sale in her shop, but I was amazed to find out that it was my patterns that inspired Sonya to fall in love & stock Wool Felt!!!  
WOW! How cool is that!    You all know how much I love the stuff!  
It's actually tough to get 100% wool felt in Australia and New Zealand and shipping from USA is pricey ....... so Sonya decided she needed to change all that!!! Hooray!  Lucky for me she ships Worldwide too.


Want to know more about Two Blue Birdies Wool Felt?  Read on! 

A few years ago, I was making soft toys for a friends children. One of the patterns I stumbled across was Dolls And Daydreams’ Mermaid pattern, which called for 100% wool felt. I discovered that 100% wool felt is quite difficult to find in Australia, so I just used some acrylic craft felt. Well what a mistake that turned out to be… the mermaid was well-loved and cuddled so after a few weeks, her hair was fuzzy and covered in pills. 

That’s when I decided to source some 100% pure new wool felt for my store Two Blue Birdies, and I’m glad I did. I love 100% wool felt, because it’s delightfully soft yet very strong. It’s able to handle reasonable stress along the seams without giving way – making it perfect for soft toys. I now prefer sewing with 100% wool felt because it’s very hard wearing and doesn't pill and fuzz like acrylic felts can, which means that beautiful toy you put all that hard work into will be looking its best for quite a while. 

Our wool felt is colour fast and doesn't require pre-shrinking like cotton fabric does. It’s super-easy to care for – just give it a quick steamy iron to get any creases out. Another great thing about wool felt is that it’s naturally water-resistant, meaning if something is spilled on it, you have a few minutes to quickly wipe off the spill. For this reason, it shouldn't require regular washing. 

Wool dyes easily, so the colour possibilities are endless. We currently stock 40 different colours, and we’re adding more all the time. If you’re finding it hard to choose colours, we have many pre-picked bundles that will inspire you. My favourite is the “Spring” bundle which features 7 gorgeous shades of green. 

We currently stock felt in the sizes below, and you can always contact us if you require larger pieces - up to a huge 1.80m x 5m!


The lovely Sonya and I will be hosting a GIVEAWAY (eeeeeek!!! Wish I could win it!!!) of her yummy wool felt this Wednesday ...... So watch this space!!!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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