Wednesday, May 22, 2013

T Rex Dinosaur Softie Sewing Pattern is Here! And he's BIG!

Dinosaur Sewing Pattern

My Big Boy T Rex Dinosaur Softie Sewing Pattern is here!!! Hooray! Would you just look at all of those teeth!  That's no baby toy .. no sir .. somebody must be a big boy now if he wants a toy with all of those sharp gnashers!

Dinosaur Sewing Pattern

I love the fact he's quick and easy to whip up!   ..... He's big .. he's mean .. he's actually not mean .... he's a real cuddle monster if you ask me!


Actually don't ask me .. ask my son! He's nuts about his new T-Rex! All I have heard this week is 'Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!' hahahaha

My BIG BOY Dinosaur Sewing Pattern is in my shop!! Hooray!!

Find it here ..... 

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 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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