Friday, June 28, 2013

New Doll Pattern Line - Small, Cute and Baby Safe!

Tiny little #vintage #toy clothes hanger perfect for my new tiny dolly to use!  #retro #thriftstore

Why did I get so excited when I was given this tiny vintage toy hanger?  Because it's the perfect size for my New Doll's clothes!!!   You see I haven't slept much this week as I have been finishing off my NEW Tiny Dolly Pattern ...   I'm still mulling over a name for the range ...... 

She's been a year in the making!! Why? Because I wanted her to be easy enough for a New Sewer and yet be super fun for the advance sewer to whip her up too!

Let's look at her stats ....

*12 inches tall - eeeeek! So small and cute!
*VERY Quick & Easy
*Body is made from ONLY 2 pieces of fabric - what?!
*Baby Safe
*Jointed - NO buttons or thread - Hooray!
*Perfect Base to use as an Art Doll
*Removable Clothes and Shoes
*1/4 inch seam allowance ...... ahhhhh so easy to sew!
*really really cute!
* ... did I tell you how cute she is?! Hahahaha

Can't wait for you to meet her! She is a little shy ...  but I think I might be able to get a photo of her next week ;)

Hope you all have a wonderfully creative weekend!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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