Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My Petit Poppet New Doll Line Sneak Peek!

Meet ‘My Petit Poppet’ Wendy Doll … she’ll be out early next week!

My Petit Poppet Line is designed to be Very *Quick & Easy* to make and yet provide you with a high quality and superior finished doll. You’ll be surprised at just how EASY she is!

* Easy enough for beginner dolly makers, yet interesting enough for intermediates!

* New Easy doll construction method!

* Made from 100% Cotton Doll & Dress, Yarn Hair and Felt shoes

With over a year of research and design focusing on easy doll sewing methods and construction, I’m excited to share my first Petit Poppet with you! She’s small, jointed and Baby Safe! Make her walk, sit or curl up in your lap! You’ll love how expressive she is!

This is a copyrighted original Dolls And Daydream™ construction method & design.

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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