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The Felt Store - Eco-friendly merino wool felt selection!

I was lucky enough to run into Allia of The Felt Store on Twitter, and I am glad I did as they have the most amazing range of wool felt and ships world wide! Hooray! It's so lovely too meet people from all over the world isn't it :) I started asking a ton of questions about her yummy wool felt .. and after I saw the shop .. well I was blown away!

Here's what she had to say :)

  • One of our favourite types of felt to use is The Felt Store’s Designer Felt. Designer Felt is a 100% merino wool felt that is an eco-friendly, high quality craft felt. 
  • We carry four different thickness; 1.2mm (0.47”), 2mm (0.07”), 3mm (0.12”), and 5mm (0.19”). 
  • Our Designer Felt is divided into two colour palette’s Solid Tones and Earth Tones. It’s quite self explanatory; our Solid Tones are basically solid colours where as our Earth Tones have a heathered look to them. Our Earth Tones comes in 11 natural hues and our Solid Tones come in 21 bright and bold colours! 
  • We sell our Designer Felt in the form of rolls, by linear foot or linear yard, 12” x 12” sheets, and even small samples. Our available roll widths are 63”, 70.9”, and 72” wide and up to 45 or 55 linear yards in length. We love that you can pick your perfect colour, size and thickness to suit your project needs. 
  • Our Designer Felt is a certified natural product that meets the human-ecological requirements of the standard according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. It is also fire retardant which means it can be applied to walls in an interior space.

As most of you know Felt is known for its ability to cut in any direction without fraying or unraveling and Designer Felt is no different. What also sets it apart from other typical craft felts is how dense this felt is. Depending on your preferred thickness, you will find that the Designer Felt has a sturdiness or body to it that standard craft felts lack. Designer Felt’s density and wool content make it a naturally water resistant textile that is durable and flexible in terms of its application, which is one of the many reasons why we love this particular felt!

We have seen our Designer Felt being used in so many ways from clothing, draperies, cushion, craft toys, and more recently within the interior design community; in furniture, product, and acoustic design. Felt is already a well renowned textile in Europe but it has only just started to emerge in the North American design community. We are glad to be one of the very few companies that manufacture and supply felt locally within North America and yet still have the ability to cater to felt lovers outside of North America with international shipping!

 Although I’ve gone into a more detailed look into our Designer Felt, I would like to mention we do carry over 300 types of felt! Yeah, that’s how much we love this material!

We have everything from our natural and synthetic felts to blended felts all the way to Industrial Felts and everything in between. A large selection of our felts and products are manufactured right here in our local Canadian headquarters, near Toronto, Ontario.

Why do we love felt! Oh gosh, can there really be only a hand full of reasons!? Our list can go on and on as to why felt is our one true love hehe. The fact that this material is so versatile is what’s so amazing. It is not limited to a certain use. Although most people’s perception of felt is its traditional use of just crafting, we love its newer role in the interior design and fashion world! We love that so many fiber artists have used felt to create installations to product developers using it in everyday living, by incorporating felt in furniture and light fixtures! We love that felt can be traditional and modern all at the same time. Felt is just a remarkable material, the possibilities are endless for its uses and it only stops where your imagination stops! And that’s pretty much our motto here at The Felt Store; if you can think it, we can more than often bring it to life! Below is an image of an installation we created with our Designer Felt for our office!

How did you get into selling it? With German and Canadian roots, The Felt Store is proud to be a small family business that stems from a long line of felt makers. With over 50 years of felt making being passed on from generation to generation, we put love, skill and passion into our felt and felt products. The Felt Store started as and continues to be a source of inspiration for our friends (that’s you) to take a traditional textile and turn it into something spectacular.

Tips on how to care for a felt doll, we’ve always recommended our customers to treat felt as if it were a wool sweater! So to be extra careful when washing, we do not recommend the felt to be washed in the washing machine but instead to be either dry cleaned, steam cleaned or hand washed. It should be dried flat on a surface and if it needs to be ironed then to iron on cold setting.

Stay Tuned for a wonderful GIVEAWAY from The Felt Store !!!!!!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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