Friday, September 20, 2013

Miss Tippy Toes a Button Joint Doll Sewing Pattern

Miss Tippy Toes

Meet Miss Tippy Toes! She's an adorable Button Joint Doll sewing pattern and I have to say I love her from the tips of her tippy toes to the top of her head!

Miss Tippy Toes Jointed Doll Sewing Pattern

She’s a cutie pie in her sleeved dress! Made from cotton and felt fabrics and with her movable jointed arms, she’s ever such fun and oh so expressive!

Button Joints are easy! Hooray! hehehehe

Button joints are so easy and can be made super safe for kiddies under 3 (just omit the button .. it's all explained in my step by step photo tutorial - hooray!).

Tippy Toe Cuddles!

And of course like all of my doll patterns ... she loves cuddles!

You can find Miss Tippy Toes dancing around in my

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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