Monday, January 27, 2014

Embroidery Machine Easter Bunny Rabbit In The Hoop Pattern

Bunny Rabbit Embroidery Machine ITH Sewing Pattern

Meet my Quick and Easy ITH Embroidery Machine Easter Bunny Rabbit Family!!!!! Eeeeek! They are so sweet! Only 2 Hoopings, 99% ITH 
... and they come in 5 different sizes for children of all ages to love!

ITH Bunny Rabbit

Soft and snugly! I love how their ears can be floppy too! And their tummies are the perfect spot for you to customize them .. add your child’s initial, name or date of birth onto their tummy (fonts not included in this pattern).

Easter Bunny Love!

Who wants some cuddly bunny love this Easter I wonder! Hahaha

Find the Embroidery Machine Easter Bunny Rabbit here:

Want the Sewing Machine Pattern Instead? 
Don't worry I have that too!!!

Find them HERE!!!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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