Friday, February 28, 2014

Fluffy Fairies Sewing Pattern - Meet Tinkerbell!!

Fluffy Fairy Tinkerbell Sewing Pattern

I'm loving my tiny 7.5 inch (19 cm) Tinkerbell Fluffy Fairy Doll Sewing Pattern! You can find the rest of my Peter Pan Play Set in my Shop Here.    Of course you can whip up a whole village of Fluffy Fairies ... not just Tinkerbell! They are rather addictive! 

Fluffy Fairies

With their fab felt Flower Dresses and super soft snugly Faux Fur Hair .... they make most magical unique friends for your little ones.  Both their wings and dresses are removable for lots of dress up games!

Japanese Style Kawaii Cute Doll Sewing pattern

These little cuties are fun and easy to make! With only two pieces of fabric for the body/legs/head, you’ll be amazed at how fast these girls come together! Plus they look just as cute without their wings ;)

I do believe in fairies

I Believe In Fairies .... DO You?!?

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