Monday, June 2, 2014

Betsy Buttons Doll Sewing Pattern is here!

Betsy Buttons Sewing Pattern

Adorable Betsy Buttons is here at last! Oh she is a cutie pie and fun to make! She’s as Easy as A, B, C 
.....A for Adorable, B for Betsy, C for Cute!!!

Button Eyed Doll!

Plus she comes with alternative eyes –felt and embroidery - patterns to make her Baby Safe!  Oh I do love those freckles!

Betsy Buttons - a Cute Cloth & Felt Doll Pattern

Just look how cute she is even without her skirt on! Eeeek! It looks like she has a mini retro 60's go go dress on!

Betsy Buttons Button eye doll sewing pattern

And of course she's oh so sweet to cuddle!

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 Happy Sewing from Sarah

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