Friday, November 7, 2014

Machine Embroidery 2 Standard Boy Doll Face Patterns are Here!

Standard Embroidery Boy Doll Face by Dolls And Daydreams

Surprise Pattern Release Party!  Speed up the dolly making process with my Machine Embroidery 2 Standard Boy Doll Face Patterns.  Fits Large and Small finished Sewing Pattern Dolls Plus the Large fits my 8x12 & 7x12  Small fits my 6x10 & 5x7 ITH Dolls

★ 2 different face patterns
★ 2 Sizes, Large & Small
★ Fit a 4 x 4 Hoop
★ Original art work 
★ Step by Step Photo Tutorial
★ How to position it onto your doll sewing pattern

 Just in time for  weekend Dolly Sewing!!! 

Find The Standard Boy Patterns here


All of my Machine Embroidery Faces over at Here!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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