Friday, February 12, 2016

New Double Pattern Pack! Bilby & Mole are here! Hooray!

Meet my Bilby & Mole Double Pattern Pack! ★ Help Stop Species Extinction! ★ I've teamed up with the Save the Bilby Fund​ to raise awareness for these adorable endangered Aussie Animals.  With only approx. 500 Bilbies left in the world , these endangered animals need our hep!  

❤ Grab your Bilby/Mole ✄  ITH Embroidery Machine Pattern Here!

 Could you love a Bilby for Easter?! I can! ❤ 

❤ Grab your Bilby/Mole ✄  PDF Sewing Machine Pattern Here!

❤ Teach your kids about the plight of the Bilby and the dangers of species extinction this Easter! ❤  Learn more about how to help save the beautiful Bilby's over at  Save The Bilby Fund

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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