Friday, August 13, 2010

Peg Dolls Paper Clothes - A Free Set For Everyone!!!!!

So what on earth are Peg Doll Dolly Wraps?  Well I came up with the idea after my girlfriends wanted to paint peg dolls for their kiddies ….

And … for everyone who entered my giveaway last week … you’ll get a free set of Dolly Wraps with any 2 purchases in my Eco Friendly Doll House range! That’s right, buy the pattern and 1 or more decorative Themes, and you get a set of these fun wraps for FREE!! I’ll give more details when I pick the winner at the end of the week!!!

Sometimes I take my art for granted and I realized this would be such a fun easy way for parents and children alike to make peg dolls!

You simply cut out the outfits (already sized for standard peg dolls) and glue them (I love Mod Podge), seal them (yup, Mod Podge again!) and your done!

Not only can you print the colored Dolly Wraps from your home computer but I’ve included coloring pages too! Hours of fun can be had making up different outfits for your Peg Family!

Plus I also include a * FREE * easy peg doll hair and face tutorial for both boy and girl dolls with every pattern!

Dolly Wraps come in Light, Medium, or Dark skin tones and they are the perfect height for my Eco Friendly Doll House!
You can’t go wrong! Simple, fun, and it doesn’t take forever watching the paint dry!

Make your own family, your friends too, peg dolls are great for making quick birthday gifts and party favors.
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