Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thrift Thursday: My Favorite Book

This has to be my favorite book I have found and read this summer. Thrift stores are wonderful places for used books, especially kiddies ones….. I like to look for ones that aren’t torn. With these card books dirt isn’t a problem. Take a damp cloth with a bit of antibacterial soap …wipe, follow by a dry cloth and let air out … done!

Mama, Do You Love Me? By Barbara M. Joosse is beautiful and Barbara Lavallee’s illustrations are so inspiring! Telling the story of mischievous little one testing the limits of her mummy’s love…. With her mummy reassuring her that she love her forever…. Even if she turns into a polar bear!!

I am not surprised to learn how many awards…. Mama, Do You Love Me? has won. Written using native Eskimo words and imagery, it draws you and your kiddie wink in …. With lots for your little one to spot and point out (love the little dolly she carries around with her!!) and yet not the typical mundane story you are so used to repeating over and over again ….

It is not only my favorite, it is my daughters ones as well!
Simple, pleasures and all for 80c!!

What inspires you? Have you been on the hunt lately? Why not add a link to your inspirations, vintage collections and thrift treasures!

Please add a button or a text link back to me … I’m not picky ;)

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