Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thrift Thursday: Wooden Rosary

I found this fabulously chunky handmade Wooden Rosary on my last thrift hunt. I love the feel of the wood in my hand, warm and smooth, and the child-like simplicity of this piece appealed to me straightaway. Threaded on all purpose string, with colors grouped together, the cross hanging from an eyelet screw … it’s just perfect to me.

I do love my ‘big’ necklaces and have a dress this would go with … It's definitely inspired me to get out some wooden beads and have a play whilst the baba's down .......... but for now it looks gorgeous hanging from my perfume cabinet …

What inspires you? Have you been on the hunt lately? Why not add a link to your inspirations, vintage collections and thrift treasures!

Please add a button or a text link back to me … I’m not picky ;)

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