Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bye Bye USA, Hello UK!

I’m packing like a crazy woman! I haven’t had a moment to myself … not until now 3am in the morning! Yup I’m a crazy woman, I should be sleeping!! But the baba and I are off to the UK on a last minute flying visit….. so a big sorry for dropping out of blog land for a while as I sooo need a family fix back home!

So here are my blog updates thus far! Wow, a week’s worth of posts and 2 Awards!

Changed the blog!

As you can all see I have a new look for the blog! Hooray and fabulous new blog button! Meet Dolly Daydreams, modeled off my little girl, I think she’s a cutie pie, but I’m biased.

Here’s a Blogging TIP!!! Want to change your button but worried about all your old buttons floating around the web already ….. How do get everyone to update them??

It’s easy if you use photobucket. Simply delete the old button (you do get scared for a moment !) and upload the new button with exactly the same name as the old button. And bada-bing the buttons will magically change everywhere on the web!!!!

Thrift finds!

I found some fab toys for the baba.  This clapper head thingy took the cake.  It made me laugh so much as you shake the stick and she looks like she’s talking at a 100 mph but comes out clack clack clack … anyhow, need to re paint it …

And this priceless vintage fluffy poodle coat … no not for me, although I could be tempted!  It’s for the baba, and perfect bargain hunting timing as it’s 30 degrees cooler in the UK at the moe!  All I had to do was add the top button and hand wash … it’s adorable!

My Creative Space ♥

I’m finally working on my personal doll pattern! I am sew excited (ok I amused myself with that typo!) Just a shame I won’t be able to get her pattern out before I leave …..

It's based off of this dolly ... my daughter's Fav!

Plus I am still finishing up the retro family set of pocket plushies … remember mini dolly from last week …. ? Well she has too kiddies and a hubby too!!


I’ve been meaning to host another giveaway! So a big sorry for not getting my act together. On my return I will have a fab giveaway for everyone so watch this space ................ hooray! 

Awards ♥

I feel very privileged to have been given 2 awards this week! And what’s lovely is that they are both the same award but from unrelated fabulous bloggers out there!

Thank you to Kimbo, A.K.A A Girl with a Glue Gun for showing off my Fabric Tutorial labels on her blog!

And a big Thank You, to Sarah of Cotton Kiwi for mentioning me in her top 15!

Well that’s it for now!  Hope everybody has a fab few weeks! 

Take Care and Happy Crafting!

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