Monday, September 13, 2010

The Haunted House - Boo!

I am really in the Halloween spirit and it’s not even October yet! I had so much fun making ‘The Haunted House’ Theme to decorate my Eco Friendly Doll House Pattern that I think it’s going to be Halloween all year round in my crafting room!

I love the fact it’s spooky but not scary, perfect for kiddie winks to get into the trick or treat mood!
I’m loving the bats everywhere and the 3D pumpkin patch and movable railings!

My hubby’s already brought our little girl her Halloween outfit …. And I have already put her in it twice!! Hahaha

As with all of my other Decorative Printout Themes, this one comes with coloring pages also, so that you can have fun customizing your Haunted Doll House!

Find it at my Etsy Shop !!!

 Baba and I Halloween 2009

So what are you dressing up as for Halloween?  Me .. well last year i was a princess and the baba a pink kitty cat  .... hmmm i'm still debating!  Any suggestions?

Take Care and Spoooooky Crafting!

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