Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Creative Space: Craft Fail!!!

Yup we all have them once in a while! We are in the middle of a house renovation and getting to my sewing machine is a task!!! And as I am working on some dolls at the moe … I thought I’d have a day off and try out a new pattern I have been tinkering with ……

Oh my goodness… even my daughter is terrified of her!!!! I made her?!!! How did that happen? Where did she come from (out of space if you ask me!) What’s up with her bandy legs? And her hair looks like a helmet!                        

This was an official Dolly Craft Fail!!!!

However my mini ‘print your own’ dolly pattern (although I used fabric marker pens to get a quick size and shape idea sewn up) has come out wonderfully! Yay!!

And I also got to sew on one of my fab new home made labels! Hooray!

So not a complete waste of a week!
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Take Care and Happy Crafting!

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