Monday, April 11, 2011

Cutting Out Felt Shapes Using Tape - Free Tutorial

I stumbled across this brilliant felt tutorial by Kimara from WeeFolkArt and thought I’d give it a go.

Since writing my Tutorial on Cutting Out Felt Shapes Using Freezer Paper I’ve heard from a lot of my lovely Daydream blog friends that Freezer Paper is either super expensive in your neck of the woods, or pretty much non-existent. And as I have no idea what the equivalent product would be called in other countries I’ve been searching for an alternative method to make your lives a little easier .... and Kimara, has it!

Material List.
Scissors (NOT your super duper Fabric Scissors you paid an arm and a leg for!!!!!!)
Pattern Piece

I pretty much followed her instructions to a T.

Stick your pattern piece, already neatly cut out, on to a piece of felt so that the tape over laps all sides of the felt.

If you want two pattern pieces which are exactly the same, use a larger piece of tape, and fold the tape over the edges, sandwiching them together under the pattern piece. (For larger pieces to stop them wiggling she suggest stapling the 2 piece of felt together). For her full and wonderfully detailed tutorial please go here.

Now for cutting I used regular household paper scissors, and boy am I glad I did! Although it made cutting through the felt slow going compared to my fabric scissors which are like butter…. it could have really mucked up my good pair!!!!

The gummy tape smeared and stuck to the blades something rotten. And cleaning them off has been a real bore! It would definitely stop you in your tracks if you were in the middle of a project and your best scissors ended up looking like this!

That being said, I was pleased with the results. The felt pattern pieces turned out fine.  Give it a shot, it will save you a lot of time!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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