Friday, April 29, 2011

Free Royal Wedding Prince William and Kate Paper Dolls

When I saw these in this week’s free samples from Dover Publications  I knew I had to share them with you! What a giggle, who would have thought I’d see Prince William and his lovely Kate in their underwear!

….still giggling!!

Who doesn’t like to play dress up?!

Now you can play with your kiddies whilst you watch the big day unfold…
Ok so it’s already said and done in the UK as we’re behind by 8 hours but hay ho!

ooooo I can't wait to see her dress!!!!

Simply click on the images to enlarge and right click and save them to your computer (or print them out!) Glue them to card stock and you’re away!

Have fun!


Look what you can download for free at Dove Publications, yup, Princess Catherine's Wedding Gown and Prince William's Wedding Outfit!

Or you could just enkarge these with your printer to fit the dolls above hehehehe Have fun!
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