Monday, May 2, 2011

New Pattern Update, Royal Wedding, Cardboard Dollhouse and New Machine Review!

First off, wasn’t Kate’s dress so classy!!! How stunning did she look, and how happy too!! And that avenue of trees inside the Cathedral was simply breathtaking! I shed a few tears and got terribly homesick ....... but …… I reached for one of the many new softie pattern I have been working on since I made the Giraffe (seems like an age ago!) and that made me all happy again!

All I can say about sewing with my new machine is, it’s like Butter! The fabric just slips through it, the stitches are lovely, the finished product ..... amazing! My little Monkey Softie Pattern was the first to be stitched up by her (still haven't named her but i will!!!) and he loves her very much

Truth be told after working with my clunker from the 1960’s for so long, it seemed almost too sensitive and accurate! Hahaha But after just a few dolls I am flying through them joyfully instead of all the stop starting I had to go through to try and rethread, or untangle, or just pray to God that my old one would start working again!  Best prezzy ever!!!

My Eco Friendly Doll House didn’t win the Green Living Competition, but I am so honored to have been able to take part in it. It was a bit of fun, and I got to see lots of other creative ideas and artists out there.

What pattern am I working on this week …… well they live in China, they are cute, cuddly and soft ….. and are sure to make you smile!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!! 

Take Care and Happy Sewing!

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