Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dolls And Daydreams has been Featured on COLOURlovers Business Blog, Hooray!

Talk about customer appreciation! Thank you to Molly Bermea, Community Curator and Blog Editor over at COLOURlovers.com for not only purchasing my owl pattern for her little girl, but for the wonderful feature article she wrote with Colette Bennett about my DollsAndDaydreams Etsy Shop! ‘Small Business Model - Etsy PDF to Print: Featuring Dolls and Daydreams’

“(PDF to Print) …allows you, the seller, more creative time…….Featured Etsy seller, English artist Sarah Hanson of Dolls & Daydreams, does just that. She does it very well ……. Each purchase comes packed with a PDF pattern and instructions on how to create it. Sarah also provides some extra bonus links and advice for sewing dolls, along with your purchase.”

I am tickled pink! What a fantastic complement and how encouraging as a small business owner. As an artist I not only spend a lot of time designing my patterns and making prototypes but I put a lot of time and effort into providing my customers with the highest quality product I can.

As an Etsy buyer and crafter myself, I would much rather spend $10 on a pattern than spend $25+ on a single doll.

One look at the patterns in the Dolls & Daydreams store, and you can easily imagine yourself spending a long and lazy Sunday with your sewing kit out, creating these precious little plushes.

Handmade plushes always give me a rush of delight. As a person who loves craft and collectibles, there's something about owning an item that has been created by hand that feels better than purchasing a mass manufactured item. It's a similar feeling to receive a gift that's been made by hand.”

Thank you so much Molly & Colette, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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