Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Creative Space: C is for Cat

So I have been a busy bee these last few days sewing my New little Kitty Cat Pattern up! I was naughty and took the weekend off for Mother's day (USA time zone!) but I’ll have her all finished this time next week!

Why the delay, well I've also decided I am going to tackle fur for her boyfriend … no not real fur, very very fake thick fur!! How fun will that be!!! At least I have a machine that will actually sew through it without jamming every 3 stitches!

I haven’t decided if I’ll make a Leopard or a Tiger yet ….. but after my test arm this morning I know I’ll have fun either way! Wow talk about a different way to sew! It’s like the fur moves on itself when the right sides are facing inwards. Not like silk, but more like it sticks to itself like Velcro …. I recommend lots of pins!!! I am sure there’s a knack to it I’m missing!

As I don’t have any cute cat photos to show you yet, I thought I’d share these two lovely prints I found on Etsy.

This adorable cat is by Sara & Dan of  SeaUrchinStudio, USA

‘A purrfect addition to a nursery, and part of an alphabet series, "C" is for Cat features Fred the tabby cat’

And I think this cute cat reading with her best friend by Meytal of Jolinne, Israel, would be lovely in any little girls room (or her mummy’s for that matter!!)

Hope everyone is having a very creative week!
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Take Care and Happy Sewing!

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