Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Baby News: He’s Here!

A Big thank you to everyone for all your wonderful e-mails and comments, I am happy to tell you that my beautiful baby boy was born last week.

My little BIG bundle of joy, had decided he liked the house Mummy had made for him so much he had no intention of leaving! Unlike my daughter who was just over 6lbs, and a tight squeeze, he’d been predicted around 7.5- 8lbs but we were all in for a surprise!

One look at me on my due date “wow, you’re all baby Sarah!!”  and my Doctor decided not to take any chances with him getting stuck like my daughter and convinced me to have a C-section. With bub’s a whopping 9lbs 1oz we were all relieved that I did!

I was surprised when they told me I’m anemic at the hospital and my recovery will be a tad slower than most. But I can’t complain as my little man and I get to hang out all day long, cuddling, feeding and sleeping …….. and blowing kisses to his big sister who’s having a ball with her Daddy all to herself!

Let's go home Mummy!

Thank you again everyone, you really have no idea how much your wonderful words have helped me throughout my pregnancy!! I’ll be picking the winner of my Baby Doll Pattern over the weekend! Hooray!!!!

Plus I’m tickled pink to share with you all my NEW Doggy Sewing Pattern so do pop back and take a peek!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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