Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Next Pattern: Puppy Love!

Still no Baby my end so I thought I'd share with you my Love for Dogs   I have 3 of my own (this is buddy & I) ......  and as a child .... my favorite stuffed toy of all time was my dear dear ‘Whoofy’ dog (I was never too creative when it came to naming my toys or pets for that matter!).  A little softie doggie with long spaniel ears and daschund nose.  I guess he was a mutt!

So I decided to make a Puppy Dog Pattern! Hooray! And yes, there will be a bit of Whoofy Love thrown in for you all!

Looking for doggy inspiration I came across these lovely finds. They are majorly baby orientated, you’ll have to forgive me, babies are on the brain right now hahahaha

First off I couldn’t resist showing you this vintage Puppy in ThriftyChels store. I love the kawaii feel, and isn’t the eye patch super cute!!!

Another favorite was this to die for crochet ‘Custom Puppy Hat’ by Bethanys5 I can’t get over how cute everything in her store is and so reasonable too! Love the eye patch again …. Floppy ears too!!!

Talking about floppy ears look how adorable this Puppy Dog Applique by Sugarbumps Creations is!! Love the fabric colors, and the little hands either side!

And last but not least has to be this fabulous crochet Puppy Washcloth by Crochele I can just see myself with the new baba in the bath … and look at his long ears and eye patch!!!

Just think, this time next week I'll have had my baby! Hooray!  Thanks everyone for all your lovely comments, they mean the world to me!!  I'm just soooooo excited to meet him!

Take Care and Happy Sewing!

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