Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mary Antoinette is in My Sketchbook

I’m making a Mary Antoinette Doll for my daughter’s Christmas present … I know it’s a tad early to be making her her gift now but as you all know (if you read my blog a bit) I have about 4 patterns on the go at once …. This one has just taken over!

I am having so much fun making her…… I’ve been giddy with excitement picking out the fabric and trim … I mean come on, I can go overboard with this dolly ….. I only have to look at the movie photos and I start drooling over the costumes!

This dolly has been brewing for some time now.  Almost a year in fact hahaha, that's when I did my first sketch ... but she's come a long way since then...... 

 I just love the famous line ‘Let them eat cake…’ How was I going to get that into the doll ..... well they always put things in their hair back then ... feathers, flowers, even mini ships ...... and so I popped some cupcake appliqués in her hair!!!! It’s soooo girly and cute I know my little one will go gaga for her!

Because this dolly is so special to me I wasn’t going to publish her, but then I thought that was rather selfish of me as I am sure other little girls (and their mummys) would love to have/make her too…..

I’m hoping to have her finished by next Thursday (US) time, Friday (AU) time …. And then I can really get stuck into my Christmas Patterns!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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