Saturday, September 17, 2011

Updated Cottage Industry Policies: How Many Dolls And Softies Can You Sell Now?

I have had a lot of correspondence and enquires from lots of very talented and business savvy ladies who make and sell my dolls and softies.

A regular question that comes up is, "Can I make and sell more dolls as my clients love your patterns!"

It has been such a wonderfully exciting journey so far and I intend to stick around for some time! That means more patterns ……… and it got me thinking, you have all been so supportive of me, I would like to continue to support you and your business too!! Isn’t life all about making each other happy …..

So pop on over to my updated policies and see the exciting changes made to the number of dolls and softies Cottage Industries such as yours can make and sell!

Thank you for all your wonderful support and inspiration!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah

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