Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Santa's in my Sketchbook!

Christmas is here early in my house! I sketched up my Santa Doll 2 months ago if you can believe it! So I already have 3 finished Father Christmas softies looking lovingly at me from my shelf … cute but he still needs a few finishing touches, sooooo fingers crossed I get him out for next week!

Here’s the plan, I have 2 surprise softies up my sleeve and some other cute girlie dollies … but first I must finish off my 4 Christmas Patterns …. Did I say 4! Whoopse, I wasn’t going to tell you hehehe ….

Why the rush, it's not even November I hear you cry!!! 

Well I have decided that they will be limited time only patterns (all rather exciting!) So once I take them down in December, that’s it!! No last minute sewing on Christmas Eve!!

Ok back to work I go …..

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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