Monday, October 3, 2011

Has it really been 3 Months?

After a tough week I thought I'd share some happy news with you all ....  My little man is already 3 months old! Where does the time go?  I had all the time in the world when my little girl was born ... now I blink and it's gone ....   Yup that's me these days, no time to do my hair, forgot my jewelry, *oh quick darling snap the photo! I cry* ... and ....not a stitch of makeup on ....Hmm not bad for waking up 4 times a night with my hungry chap!

You all know I spend my spare time sewing but I have also had the pleasure of watching my little girl turn into a big sister! I love the way she wants to help with everything, passing me his diapers/nappies and botty cream. Her favorite line is, “Mamma Mia, baby poopoo” and she springs into action! Where did this little Italian girl come from? Well she heard her US grammy say it once and it’s stuck! It makes me laugh every time!

Just like her mother, she loves to dress up, and is always ready to go out on the town.

She loves baking cookies with Mummy … and yes that is straight butter on that spoon!

Phew it’s tough being a ballet dancing fairy princess!
Ok off to finish my Santa Pattern,
Take care everyone, I hope all is well in your worlds!

 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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