Monday, November 7, 2011

NEW Kawaii Mommy and Baby Owl Pattern just for my little Girl!

When your two year old toy tester turns to you and tells you that you have made Daddy and Baby Brother owl … you know you have missed the mark ….. So I went back and looked at all my mommy & baby owl sketches and my inspiration. Yup, she was right, I had turned my back on my normal Kawaii Cute style for the more Retro vintage style instead. Silly woman! It just wouldn’t do ….. no no I needed my little girl to smile again!

So now I have updated my pattern to include my Kawaii Cute Mommy and Baby Owl, with hair flowers too! 2 styles in one pattern! Hooray!

She loves them, I love them and it means my little boy get’s his own set now! I’ve made a whole family now, just like mine!

If you have brought this pattern and would like the updates please send me an e-mail and I'll send them out asap :)

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 Happy Sewing from Sarah
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